What Not To Say To Your Boss

If you’re smart, you’ve learned what not to say in a romantic relationship. You’d never tell a woman she looked fat in a dress or tell a man he was losing his hair. But have you learned what not to say in a business relationship?

Recently, CareerBuilder.com put together a list of some of most inappropriate things you could say in the workplace. You’d think a lot of this was common sense, but I admit I’ve heard so many of these lines before.

For example, if you say “That’s not my job,” There’s pretty much no better way to advertise that you’re not a team player. It shows you’re only out to do the minimum and you better hope later on you don’t need somebody else’s help, because you won’t get it.

It’s also not very smart to say something like, “Don’t tell anyone I said this, but … ” and then proceed to blab someone’s secret.If someone told you something in confidence, then keep it to yourself. You don’t want to get a reputation as a blabbermouth and someone who gossips.

At evaluation time, don’t complain by saying, “I haven’t had a raise in four years.” Very few bosses think longevity alone merits a raise. Asking for a raise just because it’s been a long time since your last one just tells your boss that you want more money, not that you deserve it.

Other things you shouldn’t say at work are things like…“It’s not my fault”“I got so trashed last night “…and “I just didn’t have enough time for that.” I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why these are bad things to say: they make you seem like a loser. You’re ready to pass the blame or share too much (bad) personal information or just show you’re not as good at your job as you should be.

If you say those things, your boss might say, “You’re fired!”

Rujukan: http://www.trumpuniversity.com/blog


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